We Needed Peace of Mind

My husband and myself had a very difficult decision to make regarding our 8-year-old Tillie, who had apparently gotten very sick. In order to have peace of mind, we made the drive to the BluePearl hospital in Blaine.

Upon entering the clinic we were treated very nicely by the receptionist. Dr. Cottingham saw Tillie and performed an ultrasound and confirmed she had a mass in her urethra. Much to our chagrin we knew what was best for Tillie, not necessarily best for us.

We were treated wonderfully by the staff. None of them had met us before but that didn’t seem to matter. The compassion and sensitivity of the staff were unbelievable.

This was one of the worst decisions we had to make, but their help calmed us. It was so nice to see professional people making such a difference during a terrible day for us.

Wendy Dillon