We Will Always Remember

At 2 a.m. on Christmas morning, we brought out our 4.5-lb, 13-year-old yorkie to Dr. Benjamin March because she had been suffering from respiratory problems over the previous few days. Her condition suddenly seemed much worse and we wanted to be sure she wasn’t suffering needlessly and were (somewhat) prepared for the worst. 

Dr. March was gentle with Phoebe, and very gracious with us. We all knew that medically, every possible treatment had already been tried and that Phoebe was no longer a candidate for surgery, so Dr. March helped us through our most difficult decision and facilitated our being able to hold, calm, and simply be with Phoebe at the end of her time with us. For that we are forever grateful. 

We will always remember how caring Dr. March was on that Christmas morning. 

Mark Johannes
New York