What’s the wag of a tail worth?

What’s the wag of a tail worth? For us, we hadn’t seen it for maybe two years. Pepper had something wrong, I could sense it… and hear it. He was wracked with these hacking coughs which we kept asking our vet to explain. We thought it could’ve been from using a choker chain. I was feeling pretty low about that. Had I done that to my poor buddy?

But in the spring of 2012 pepper developed a mysterious illness. He wasn’t hungry, or so it seemed. He couldn’t eat, but I kept noticing he looked interested in food. After treatment with antibiotics he seemed still unwell. I kept noticing when he did eat, whole pieces would pop back out. It seemed like he had a blockage. I remember making a comment to our vet once that it seemed like he had a fur ball.

Once they looked for it, the “fur ball” turned out to be a melanoma tumor the size of an orange in the back of his throat. Our vets felt it was inoperable but referred us to the Michigan Veterinary Specialists (a BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospital). They also¬† thought his chances were slim, but suggested putting him under and taking a look.

Five hours later they’d removed it from its “stalk.”

Five days later, he wagged his tail again.