While I was Hysterical BluePearl Went to Work

I have two rescues and the female, Nellie, has giardiasis and had been at her vet the previous week getting proper medication. On Saturday night, she got all wobbly and looked as if she had suffered a stroke. Thankfully, my vet had BluePearl’s details on his voicemail recording.

The staff were fabulous, and while I was nearly hysterical, they just went to work finding out what was wrong with her. I was so impressed, not only with the staff, but the facility as well and what they can offer animals. More importantly, the basic charge, I felt, was reasonable and they did not try to force a whole lot of unnecessary tests on my beloved animal.

The next night, Nellie made a strange noise going to use the litter box, so back up we went. They didn’t think I was silly, and they remembered both of our names. They gave her a clean up, and they didn’t charge us as it was within 24 hours.

The staff are just amazing, and since that experience, I have told so many people.

Pamela Guerin
New York