Winston Is Alive Thanks to You!

My beloved English bulldog, Winston, was diagnosed with Megaesophagus, he had aspiration pneumonia and upper respiratory distress. After several emergency vet visits and no good news I was referred to Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center of Kansas City.

I was trying to come to terms with the fact my best friend had little or no chance of making it through this horrible diagnoses. He went into respiratory arrest and was brought back to life. Being the dog Winston is, I knew he would never give up on me and I knew I could not give up on him.

I went to VSEC in Overland Park accompanied by my veterinarian Dr. Barr, she kept Winston on oxygen and I drove. The minute we arrived, I was met by a professional and extremely knowledgeable group of doctors, assistants and techs.

An internal medicine specialist was on hand to take over.  Dr. Peace and Dr. Lucas among many others were incredible. The women at the front desk were patient and kind. They have every kind of medical resource available. I was told there was little hope for Winston. After several bad nights, a couple of close calls and lot of praying, I brought Winston home. I can’t express how much I appreciate the kindness and care the people at VSEC gave my dog and my family.

There is not a safer, more knowledgeable, state-of-the-art facility you can take your pet to for medical care. I highly recommend VSEC in Overland Park, Kansas.

Thank you so much.

Chad and Winston