Worth Every Penny

Our dear little guy, Scout, went outside to play one day and somehow got hurt. We live on a farm and have lots of room for dogs to run and play. Scout went outside to play and came home with a broke leg. We didn’t know how it happened and felt horrible that we couldn’t have prevented it.

We rushed him to our local vet who referred us to BluePearl. I always worry when I take my animals to new clinics and I asked them to take very good care of our Scout. They did. The doctor was exceptionally kind and compassionate with our Scout. The staff were just as kind and loving. Scout received outstanding care from everyone.

It took a few surgeries to fix hisĀ leg and a long recovery time because it was a very serious injury. While Scout was in the hospital, I visited him and the staff was always nice and welcomed me to visit Scout. I also got to see how he was being taken care of. Scout was in a big cage with a nice big clean pillow bed to lay on. The hospital was clean and very well kept. It did not stink, the floors were clean, and all the cages and bedding were clean.

We highly recommend BluePearl and loved the doctor and staff at theĀ Overland Park hospital. It is more expensive than most animal hospitals, but not that much more and worth every penny for the excellent care . Thank you BluePearl!

Janet H.