You Did Your Best for Matty

My husband Bobby Bell and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to Dr. Mihansky and all of his medical and clerical staff at the Brooklyn hospital for the gentle care given to our beloved cat, Matty during his last moments of life.

Matty has been a tremendous blessing to us for the past 11 years in every sense of the word. He was our beautiful baby boy and our best friend. The bond we shared was truly beyond explanation. We adopted him from Bide a Wee 11 years ago as an adult cat and it was truly love at first sight for my husband and I. We were beside ourselves when our Matty fell seriously ill yesterday and made the decision to rush him to your Brooklyn location. (His health had really declined this past year.)

We thank God that you and your staff were there for us. We are thankful that you are within our community and exemplify professionalism, dedication, a caring approach and cleanliness. Your attempts to save our Matty’s life yesterday are greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, Matty was very ill and suffering too much. His prognosis wasn’t good at all. We realize that you, Dr. Mihansky, and your staff did all that you could do to save our baby; however, the efforts were unfruitful.

We had to make a decision in the best interest of our baby and not our own having to say goodbye and wish him a good night forever in eternity. Our hearts are broken and it has been difficult to deal with his passing since yesterday. The days ahead will be rough, but we are grateful to you for doing your best to help our baby.

Sandra Noyola-Bell
New York