You Gave Bella Her Life Back!

We rescued Bella when she was two months old. We had no idea of her background, breed or medical history. All we knew was that she adopted us and we fell madly in love with her! She had a lot of medical issues when we got her, but in time she recovered. Once she hit 50 pounds at six months old she started limping and holding her leg up at times. She was treated for growing pains and given medicine for the pain. All of her tests and x-rays came back normal and our little Bella tried to be strong for us. She continued to grow in size and personality. She aced puppy school and trained the trainer for treats and tummy rubs! In her second round of school she became frightened of everything. The teacher, the other parents, different textured floors, our friends… you name it. She stopped eating and her limp became worse.

Our vet did more x-rays and found something weird in her knee. We were referred to Dr Au at BluePearl Veterinary Partners. From the moment we met the staff and Dr. Au, we knew we were in good hands. The hospital was clean and organized, and the staff treats you like family. We found out that Bella had a possible birth defect which caused her knee to fall in and out of place, which explained the on and off limping. Dr. Au went over all of our options, outcomes and recommendations. We were able to make an informed decision. She was scheduled for surgery that afternoon, and we had to leave our baby for the first time since we adopted her.

The techs and Dr. Au kept us completely informed of her surgery and recovery. I think we called to check on her every few hours and they took every call with a smile. We opted to keep her there an extra day and we are so glad we did. The extra care was so vital to her recovery. We called at all hours for updates, and we even got to bring her dinner and feed her the day after surgery. They take care of the parents just as much as they do the animals. They understand that they are our babies.

Bella is about 10 days post-op and she acts like a new dog! Trying to keep her still and confined so that her leg can heal has been a challenge, but to have our Bella back is more than worth it! She is her old self again. I think the surgery was harder on us than on her.

I am so glad that our vet referred us to Dr. Au. He gave Bella her freedom back to be Bella again.

Thank you Dr Au…Courtney…and Rachael!!