You Gave Us Hope

Dr. Mourning was truly a life saver, in more ways than one for our family. We took our one-year-old cat in to our regular vet for a check-up because he seemed just a bit off for the last week. We were thinking maybe a cold, or something simple. Honestly, I didn’t even think we had to take him in it was so minor, but his dad insisted.

Six hours later I get a phone call from our vet saying that he is dying. He had lymphoma. There was no hope. We had to take him immediately to the ER clinic for a transfusion if we wanted to keep him alive for another week, but that was probably the only time we’d get.

In tears, we raced to the vet, picked up Mr. Smudges and raced him to the ER, literally thinking this was it. He was gone. We might have another night or two in him but that we have to say goodbye to our baby with literally no warning at all.

Dr. Mourning gave us hope. She talked us through all the other possibilities other than certain death. She helped us work out a treatment plan that was within our financial budget but that she felt was a good course of action to try and save our baby. We got lots of updates while he was in the hospital without us, we were talked to with patience every time we called with paranoid fears – even after we were finally able to bring him home.

We are still not completely out of the woods, but Mr. Smudges is strong and is responding to treatment. He is improving and we are being reassured that it looks like he’s going to make it. We are, likely, going to be able to have him around for a long time to come. Which is definitely the happiest ending, but even without that outcome, I think Dr. Mourning helped us out immensely. She calmed us down, talked to us like we were important, and gave Mr. Smudges a chance when other vets didn’t think it was worth it.

Summer Hedlund