You Helped Kippy & Calmed Me

Kippy, my 8-month-old golden retriever, started having diarrhea at 5:30 in the morning. By 8:30 PM it had progressed to include vomiting. I rushed him to the emergency service at BluePearl more terrified than I could imagine.

When I arrived, I was immediately¬†shown into an examination room. A vet tech came in a few minutes later and took Kippy’s vitals. A short time later, Dr. Bessler arrived. Apparently my sweet boy was suffering from gastroenteritis and needed IV fluids and time. I left Kippy in his comfortable crate – all set up with blankets – and went home.

Dr. Bessler told me to call any time for updates, which I did. I received a call from my regular vet early in the morning saying that, should I choose, I could transfer Kippy to her care. She already had all of the records from the visit to BluePearl. I transferred Kippy at noon after 12 hours in BluePearl’s care.

Kippy needed to be on IV fluids and medication for two  more days. I know that he would have died of dehydration had I not taken him in. The doctors were all so calm and reassuring, answering all my questions, over and over again.

I hope I never need to take Kippy to BluePearl again. But it is so comforting to know they are there.

Hadley A.
New York