You Helped Me Make the Right Decision

I initially rushed my furry baby Simba into BluePearl – Tampa because he was having labored breathing. After an examination, I was informed that he had aspirated fluid into his lungs and that ARDS was the cause of his difficulty breathing. He wouldn’t eat nor drink, and couldn’t be out of the oxygen chamber for more than a couple of minutes. I was inconsolable and I could tell that Simba seemed scared too. From the front desk personnel to the doctors, we were treated with care, concern and compassion.

Simba was given medication, oxygen treatments and food to try to make him better. When all of the treatments my 11-pound shih tzu was given had failed to restore his health – he wouldn’t eat and he was actually getting worse – I was faced with the hardest decision I have ever had to make. I decided to euthanize Simba instead of allowing him to suffer any longer.

Dr. Cochran and Dr. Brammen were very thorough with their explanations of the entire ordeal. They helped me to remain “cautiously optimistic”, and to face reality head on. I was able to call at any time for an update and both doctors also reached out to me. I feel that the right decision was made for Simba and I thank BluePearl for helping me through this crisis.

Nyisha B.