You Helped My Blind Cat See Again!

My dearly loved 14-year-old cat was suddenly blind one morning. Both the cat and I were really scared and called the emergency vet to find out what to do. It appeared that, due to hyperthyroidism, Shadow’s blood pressure had skyrocketed and the pressure made his retina’s detach.

After the emergency vet appointment I went to his regular vet who recommended a feline ophthalmologist. My vet called the closest specialist, was put on hold for 20 minutes, and then was told the doctor would be unavailable that day for a consult.

My vet called BluePearl in Eden Prairie, MN and was immediately connected to the specialist, Dr. Nicole Trumble and made an appointment. The clinic staff was wonderful, empathic and supportive. Dr. Trumble examined Shadow and confirmed the earlier diagnosis, she gave us a treatment plan, answered all our questions and calmed our fears.

With the treatment, Shadow has regained the sight in one eye and the second retina is beginning to reattach. I cannot thank Dr. Trumble and BluePearl enough for making it possible for my elderly cat to enjoy his golden years with his loving family.

Connie Studer