You Helped Sassy Get Her Sass Back

I wanted to write to let your company know how happy I was with BluePearl – Kansas City North location.

My 11-year-old pomeranian Sassy was involved in an accident wit my American bulldog. He stepped on her while trying to eat. She immediately quit breathing and I thought she was gone. I started CPR on her and took her to my local vet. By the time I got her there, she was barely breathing and her heart was slowing down. My vet was able to get her on oxygen and gave her a shot to boost her heart rate and advised me that I should take her to the emergency 24-hour vet. He recommended BluePearl. It was 30 minutes from my house and the whole way I worried that I wold lose my baby. You see I have endured over six spine and neck surgeries and my Sassy has been by my side through it all.

When I got to BluePearl, Dr. Wood took her back right away and got her on some oxygen. She came out right away to ask what happened and to let me now that Sassy was pretty bad. We were unsure if she would make it through the night, but I knew it was best to leave her there for them to take care of her. They told me to call as much as I wanted to check on her. And I did, I called numerous times through the night. Only to be told she wasn’t getting better and now she wasn’t walking on her back legs. I was scared, but Dr. Wood was very honest with me the whole time as I did not want Sassy to suffer. She asked me to give it until 4 p.m. and we would regroup and decide if she was making any progress or if I would have to make that dreaded decision.

At 3:30 p.m. I headed over to the vet clinic and called Dr. Wood along the way. She informed me that Sassy seemed to be holding on and was not getting worse. She felt if we gave her 24 more hours she should be okay. I was so happy. On Wednesday I was supposed to make a quick trip out of town and would be on a plane most of the day, but Dr. Wood assured me to call in between plane flights and she would keep me updated, and she did. On my final leg, I called only to be told by Dr. Wood that Sassy was doing awesome and was out of oxygen and barking at them. She felt it was okay for Sassy to come home.

Today we are one week exactly from that dreaded accident and Sassy is doing wonderful. I truly believe if it wasn’t for Dr. Wood and the BluePearl staff, I would have lost my baby! I will recommend this office to everyone that I know that needs an emergency vet. Sassy loves you guys and I do to!!

Michele Alton and Sassy