You Saved Mr. Chubbles Eye!

Our 13 lb. French Lop Bunny, Mr. Chubbles, had a terrible eye infection. We had been going to our local vet in Lakeland for two weeks trying to get him better. Our vet said that if we did not want him to lose his eye we should take him to the emergency service at BluePearl.

It was a Friday afternoon so I was concerned that we may not get to see the vet in time because it’s a two-hour drive to Tampa. I called BluePearl and explained the situation. They made an emergency appointment for us with an ophthalmologist for 7 p.m. on a Friday night! I couldn’t believe it!

Dr. Stein was awesome! She took Mr. Chubbles back and gave him a full exam. He was placed on seven different medications to be given eight times a day for two weeks.

The prognosis was terrible. She gave him a 30% chance of keeping his eye. But I was determined to follow her instructions to a “T”. We came back two weeks later for a follow-up exam. He showed signs of improvement and we were able to lower dosage to six times a day. We came again two more weeks later (a month total on strict meds) for a follow-up and found out, we saved his eye!!!

BluePearl saved my bunny’s eye and we can tell Mr. Chubbles feels so much better. : )

Tiffany and Anthony Gilbert