You Saved Mugsy From Chicken Bones

Mugsy, my 72 lb baby (boxer lab mix) is into everything including garbage. The night of the superbowl I made hot wings for the kids and their friends, when the kids came running through the house screaming that Mugs was choking on chicken bones that he had obtained from the trash.

I realized the dog was breathing but in distress. I put my fingers, actually most of my hand, down his throat to see if I could grab any bones and pulled out a handful of foam and blood. Called the vet and got the emergency switch over to you directly on the phone.

Long story short, the staff took Mugs in right away and treated him as best as you could imagine. He was not choking on the bone but it was stuck in the roof of his mouth jammed into his teeth. The rest of the bones were on film inside his belly. His throat was slightly scratched from the bones being swallowed.

All is good now in my world with my dogs. The staff was wonderful, fast and extremely kind. The hospital was very very clean and warm. I recommend it highly if you need them. Thank you for being the people that you are and your kindness was appreciated.