You Saved Roxy From Cancer

Roxy, a fiest terrier, was a shelter dog and we believe her to be about 12 years old. A friend of ours adopted her in 2002 and kept her for six years, and then purchased a chocolate lab puppy, and a Jack Russell puppy.

Roxy was jealous of the other puppies and she was given to us in July 2008. In August 2008, we found a tumor on her left shoulder area, and she had surgery by our local vet. It was a mass cell tumor stage 2. We kept a watch on her and the mass cell tumor came back as well as another one on her stomach area.

Our local vet referred us to Dr. Johnson – an oncologist at BluePearl in Brentwood, TN – for an ultrasound due to a change in her blood work. The ultrasound showed a mass on her liver. Dr. Au performed surgery and removed the mass on her liver, on the stomach area, and on the front part of her shoulder.

We are so impressed with the care Roxy got at BluePearl, and so thankful for Dr. Au in performing the surgery and saving our Roxy. Roxy is like a child to us, and we don’t go anywhere without her. We even take her on vacation with us. I have told several friends, and relatives about BluePearl, and recommended them for their pets, and especially if they need emergency care or surgery.

Roxy’s pathology report showed that the tumors removed were stage 1. Dr. Au was able to remove all of the mass cell tumors and she will not have to have chemo. Thank you BluePearl for having doctors like Dr. Au and Dr. Johnson. Your staff was wonderful at the Brentwood, TN location.

Sue Thornton