Your Compassion Made Saying Goodbye to Angelo Easier

Angelo was with us for about 14 years. He was very interactive and a great communicator. He was a beautiful addition to our family, and he ran the household. Over the years he became diabetic and responded well for several years to insulin. Over the past several months, we saw decline in his overall well-being and after an exam by our local veternarian, we were referred to Dr. Holste at BluePearl for an ultrasound and exam.

We learned that he had lymphoma and an abdominal mass and that with his age and diabetes, he was not a good candidate for surgery. We could try an oncology approach to see if there could be any response to prolong his life with us. We did attempt the chemo once to see if he would respond, however, he declined quickly/ So on Oct. 19, we had to make a decision to “let him go” and not let him suffer. It was tough.

We were certainly appreciative that Dr. Holste, and all who assisted us at BluePearl, were professional, thorough, honest about what was happening to Angelo,and extremely compassionate in sharing the not-so-good information. It’s hard to lose our little furry friends because they are so much more “family” than we even realize. But the caring of the professionals sure makes it a bit easier to swallow when the time comes. Many thanks to all of you at BluePearl who took care of our Angelo.

……..missing those bright, jewel-green eyes!

Shirlene Rea