Your Staff Will Not Be Forgotten

Cayli was a rescue dog who came into our life at 15 months old after having a litter at a puppy mill and being thrown out of her home. We were so fortunate to rescue her, and for over 10 years she has been a constant companion for our family. At only 5 pounds, she loved walking at the park and sitting with us in our chairs and in bed.

This week she finally started showing severe symptoms with her breathing. NHVS and Dr. Stone were able to identify the issue and, over 4 days, they tried to get her onto room air instead of oxygen. However, it was just not to be. We thank all of the kind people up at NHVS: Dr. Stone, Dr. Cunningham, and all of the caregivers for Cayli. Your patience, understanding and sincere concern for Cayli will not be forgotten. It takes a special kind of person to work in those sometimes difficult conditions. Bless you all.

Gary Williamson