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The COMPANION newsletter is sponsored by BluePearl and by our Partners in Education for the Tidewater region’s veterinarians, veterinary technicians, assistants and practice managers. Your feedback is important to us. If you have any questions or would like follow up on any article, please contact our medical director, Dr. Anemone Andronescu at, Heather Thomas of our veterinary relations team at, or call us at (757) 499-5463.

Thank you to our 2018 Partners in Education: Antech, CareCredit, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Royal Canin, Stokes Pharmacy, and Zoetis.

Most Recent Newsletters
2018 Fall

Leading with Heart in Vet Med | The Natural Pneumogastrogram: Find Foreign Bodies Easier with a Left Lateral Radiograph | Pythiosis | Coughing Dogs with Heart Disease | Tiger in Your Waiting Room? Understanding Feline Aggression | High ALP Value? | WANTED for CLINICAL TRIAL: Cats with chronic kidney diseases with anemia

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2018 Summer

ER Training Program | New Chief Medical Officer | Vestibular Disease | Snake Bites | Feline Arterial Thromboembolism | Fatty Tumors | Continuing Education

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2018 Spring

ACVO Eye Exams for Service Animals | Feline Osteoarthritis | Obesity and Canine Osteoarthritis | Endocrine Emergencies | Lilies: Fatal Attraction | Continuing Education

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2018 Winter

New Year, New Look in Greenbrier | The Importance of Veterinary Oral Hygiene | Antibiotic Use for Dental Surgeries | It may be time to start asking: “Does your dog hunt feral pigs?” | Pearls from the ACVIM Forum 2017 | Tanovea: An Advance in Canine Lymphoma Treatment

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2017 Summer

Presenting our new Aquilon 64 Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner | Understanding Feline Aggression | Recognizing and Treating Heat Stroke in Dogs | Autologous Blood Transfusions in an Emergency Setting | Understanding How Cataracts Form and Treatment Methods | The FAQ on ACP

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2017 Spring

BluePearl Portal | Tachyarrythmias – from Where? | Portosystemic Shunts | Acute Abdomen | The Complicated UTI | Feline Constipation

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2017 Winter

Management of Anesthetic Complications | Oxygen Delivery Methods | Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

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2016 Fall

TPLO | Drug Dosing by Body Surface Area | Chemotherapy Safety | Nutritional Support of Ill Patients | ER Word Search

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2016 Spring

Canine Demodicosis I Reverse Sneezing | Atopy | Pain Management for Cancer | Unresectable Mast Cell Tumors | Feline Hemotropic Mycoplasmosis | Feline Anemia Trial | Meet Dermatologist Marlene Pariser

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2016 Winter

Cancer Surgery | Lipomas | Linear Foreign Bodies | Pancreatitis | Meet Bill Brewer, DVM, DACVIM-SAIM, Oncology

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Newsletter Archive
2015 Fall

Chemo Safety | Ureteral Obstruction – Stent? | Canine Lymphoma Rescue Protocols | Esophageal Strictures | Compassion Fatigue | We’re Growing | CE

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2015 Summer

Critical Care | Lymphoma Treatment | Chocolate Toxicity | Brachycephalic Syndrome | Canine Influenza | Bladder & Urethral Tumors | Soft Tissue Sarcomas | Meet Dr. Nicholas Rinaldi

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2015 Spring

Our New CT Scanner | Ct: Better Than X-ray Vision | Impalement Injuries | Uremia Therapy | Urinary Catheters | Trauma Assessment | CPR | Gorilla Glue | Meet Dr. Freyda Staten

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2015 Winter

Diabetic Ketoacidosis | Rock Salt Dangers | Chest Compressions | Systolic Blood Pressure Alterations | Foreign Body | Meet Drs. Jennifer Hayes and Amanda Traub

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