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NEVOG Testimonials
Dave, Tom and Clyde

“...With time the thing I realize the most is how lucky we were to have found you, because you and NEVOG were able to give us 3 and a half years more time with her. We really appreciated those years, and all of the fun that we had during that time. TK had fun no matter where she was. She even loved coming in for treatment...”

Patricia McCook

“...You have always treated us and Elwood as if we were your own. We watched you time after time be the most caring, compassionate, and thoughtful people. To put aside business in your job and make the patient the priority in this day is a rarity. Something special is just not big enough to describe how amazing you all have been. Thank you all for all you have done and I just know Elwood is smiling down on you...”

Steve & Joni Lambert

“...There simply aren't enough words to thank you and your staff for all you did for us and Jasmine during her battle with lymphoma. You gave us precious time with our puppy that we wouldn't have had and we'll always be grateful. You made a difficult situation better and you clearly love your patients...”

Judy Bratt

“...When I first realized that I was going to have to bring Marmalade to NEVOG and leave her there for days at a time, I was apprehensive to say the least. She has never liked being in strange places and she had just gotten over an overnight hospitalization that left her a wreck for a week. So when I first arrived at NEVOG I was very worried. I need not have worried. The friendliness and welcoming atmosphere was evident the minute we walked in. It is obvious that you all are committed to excellence in every way. Not only do you tend to the physical needs of the patient, but you are aware of the needs of the owner. My questions were met by patient, thoughtful answers. I don't know how you did it, but Marmalade was thoroughly comfortable with you all...”

Kristen Mavroules

“...Thank you for all your love and support. Thank you for the extra 1 plus years of quality life that you had provided for Chewy. You were great and treated us like family. You are very special and will never be forgotten...”

Carol Donnelly

“...I thought when he (Scout) started chemo his competitions were over...but he is still competing and winning...since his chemo started he has earned his AX (Agility Excellent) and MXJ (Master Agility Excellent - Jumper) titles...I am so happy about the attention you give him on every visit...your ability to monitor and make the little adjustments in his treatments has been a big help...I know other places provide chemo treatments but I think your knowledge and detail has been a tremendous benefit to keeping him healthy throughout the process...”