When you need behavioral medicine.

Pet behavior problems are complicated. When your pet misbehaves, it could be a sign of a physical problem. It could also be a training issue or, if you have a rescue animal, it could be something in your pet’s unknown past that’s causing the problem.

Jack Russell Terrier lying beside its accident as owner points to wet spot.

Behavioral specialists.

The first step towards helping your pet curb their behavior is to meet with a BluePearl veterinary behavioral specialist. These specialists focus on the physical and emotional health of pets. They will meet with you and your pet to understand the behavior problem. Then they’ll create a treatment plan to help you and your dog or cat get back to a normal routine.

Types of conditions we treat:

  • Fears and anxiety: Separation anxiety, fear of storms, loud noises, people or other animals
  • Aggression: At humans, at other dogs, at other cats, hoarding or turf-guarding
  • Pooping or peeing in the wrong place
  • Compulsive, repetitive behaviors: Flank-sucking, light-chasing, spinning, licking surfaces or over-grooming
  • Cognitive dysfunction: Age- or disease-related memory loss, disorientation, staring, getting stuck in corners, waking and sleeping problems, or panting
  • Basic manners: Improving the pet-human bond, life skills such as leash walking, basic commands, appropriate tactics for play biting, jumping, counter-surfing, theft, chewing, digging or scratching
  • Socialization: Tactics to ensure your family’s successful pet adoption
A cat looks scared with its mouth slightly open.

Find your nearest specialist.

We have over 100 specialty and emergency pet hospitals throughout the country.

Not all services are available in all BluePearl hospitals. Contact your local BluePearl for services available at that location.