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BluePearl Veterinary Partners is a national provider of specialty and emergency veterinary care. Our network of pet hospitals offers advanced specialty services and compassionate care. Most are open 24-7 to treat your most critical emergencies.

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BluePearl helped our cat pass peacefully - A few weeks ago, our 11-year-old cat, Peachs’, suddenly lost the use of his back legs. He had labored breathing and was crying in pain
The professionalism displayed made me think I was in a hospital for humans - It was late on a Saturday Night, and my cat was very ill. When I called my vet, their answering message directed me to 24

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Aggression in Dogs - When a dog growls, lunges or bites, you will sometimes hear people say, “that dog is just mean.” The reality is more complex. Many factors
Aggression in Cats - All is calm and peaceful when you are petting your cat. Then suddenly, the claws come out and he aggressively swats away your hand. If
Pet 411: What you should know about canine flu - This year’s flu season has been brutal to us humans. It seems like everyone I know is either currently feverish and coughing, or recently recovered. 
FAQ About Three-Legged Pets and Limb Amputation - Limb amputation sounds like a scary and life-changing event. But for animals with debilitating and painful disease or trauma of the leg, amputation can sometimes