Emergency Medicine

Look to BluePearl when you’re in an emergency situation. Most of our hospitals are open 24 hours a day, every day of the week and every day of the year.

Our criticalists deliver intensive care to animals that need 24-hour monitoring, and our intensive care units are staffed around the clock.

We provide services including blood pressure support, transfusion, radiology intervention, nutritional support, pain management and pain relief.


Pet owners take their dogs and cats to their family veterinarians for regular check-ups and shots. These same veterinarians refer their patients to BluePearl because of our advanced training in numerous specialties including:

Because it’s not all dogs and cats here. We’re trained and equipped for the special needs of species like parrots, ferrets and snakes.

Our critical care specialists provide emergency services when pets are in distress.

Just like with humans, healthy teeth are crucial for animals.

Our specialists treat your pet’s itching, as well as skin conditions like cysts, hot spots and skin cancers.

Our teams can create the best treatment plan with the use of advanced diagnostics.

They're both detectives and doctors.

Specialists on the most complex system in the body.

There are new treatment options for pets with cancer.

We diagnose and treat conditions like glaucoma, ulcers, cataracts and eye injuries.

We are leaders in the use of radiation therapy to improve your pet’s quality of life.

We can help restore your pet’s mobility and improve their quality of life.

Our highly experienced surgeons perform a variety of different procedures – from the simple to the complex.


This treatment can help animals with pain management.

Blood donations can save the life of a pet.

Not offered by many veterinary hospitals, this procedure can save the kidneys.

Compassionate care to improve your senior pet’s quality of life.

This treatment can cure hyperthyroidism in cats.

We help pets recover after surgery or handle chronic conditions with a variety of therapies.

Find your nearest emergency or specialty vet.

We have over 100 specialty and emergency pet hospitals throughout the country.

Not all services are available in all BluePearl hospitals. Contact your local BluePearl for services available at that location.