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Important Coronavirus Update:

Our hospitals are open and we are doing our best to keep you, your pets, and your community safe during the COVID-19 crisis. With 80+ hospitals across the country, each hospital is taking extra precautions based on the current situation of the location. Please use the Find a Hospital tool to visit your BluePearl location’s web page or call to learn more about the precautions being taken in your area prior to your visit. Also be sure to follow the safety protocols outlined by the World Health Organization.

Specialties & Services Details

BluePearl offers a wide range of veterinary services at our specialty + emergency pet hospitals. These services are considered either Emergency or Specialty.

Emergency Medicine

Look to BluePearl when you’re in an emergency situation. Most of our hospitals are open 24 hours a day, every day of the week and every day of the year. Our critical care specialists give intensive care to animals that need 24-hour monitoring, and our Intensive Care Units are staffed around the clock. We provide services including blood pressure support, transfusion, radiology intervention, nutritional support, pain management and pain relief.

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Veterinary Specialties

Pet owners take their dogs and cats to their family veterinarians for regular check-ups and shots. These same veterinarians refer their patients to BluePearl because of our advanced training in numerous specialties including:


Pet Oncology

Cancer is just as scary a word for pets as for humans. Dr. Brooke Britton in New York tells you what you need to know.

FAQs about a visit to a vet oncologist

Getting your pet to the vet

How can you convince Fluffy or Fido to get in the car to go to the vet?

Help Getting Your Pet to the Vet

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