Specialty and Emergency Pet Services in Midvale

Opthomology Exam

We focus exclusively on specialty and emergency medicine. Our compassionate clinicians are available when your pet’s primary veterinarian’s office is closed or if your pet needs specialized medical care.

We take a collaborative approach to veterinary medicine, meaning our specialty teams work together to develop comprehensive care plans and promote their patients’ quality of life. Our 24-hour pet hospital is home to specialty clinicians in the following areas:

Dentistry & Oral Surgery

Our veterinary dentist diagnoses and treats complicated and painful conditions that affect the teeth, gums and mouth.

Veterinary Dermatology in Midvale, Utah

Our veterinary dermatology team provides compassionate care for pets with skin conditions, including allergies, ear infections, skin cancer and autoimmune and immune-mediated skin diseases.

Your pet may benefit from seeing a veterinary skin specialist if they’re experiencing symptoms like:

  • Excessive scratching and itchiness
  • Recurrent & chronic skin infections
  • Frequent licking and chewing of the body
  • Hair loss/bald spots
  • Flaky, dry skin

How a Veterinary Dermatologist Can Help Your Pet

Using sophisticated diagnostic tools and advanced treatment options, our veterinary dermatology team can help provide much-needed relief to pets in greater Salt Lake City.

Common treatments and procedures our pet dermatology service offers include:

  • Allergy and blood testing
  • Immunotherapy (allergy shots or drops)
  • Ear flushes for infections
  • Video otoscopy for ear infections
  • Skin biopsy, growth and polyp removal
  • Cryotherapy

Meet Elizabeth Layne, DVM, DACVD®, Veterinary Dermatologist

Dr. Elizabeth Layne is a board-certified veterinary dermatologist at our Midvale, UT pet hospital. Passionate about providing excellent care to her patients, Dr. Layne is particularly interested in helping pets with ear disease, autoimmune disease, and allergies find relief.

Dr. Layne attended veterinary school at Colorado State University. She then pursued her passion for helping pets in need by completing an internship and residency in veterinary dermatology and allergy at the University of Wisconsin. Now, Dr. Layne leads the dermatology service at BluePearl in Midvale and sees patients from all over the Salt Lake City area.


Our ophthalmology team members are specially trained to diagnose and treat eye problems in pets, including glaucoma, cataracts, cherry eye and more.