BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital, a leading provider of advanced animal care in the U.S., today announced that BluePearl in Phoenix, AZ, is the first-ever brick-and-mortar animal hospital to receive End-of-Life Care accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).  

BluePearl Pet Hospice offers in-home hospice, palliative care, and euthanasia for pets in CA, OR, WA, AZ, TX, MD and FL and is rapidly expanding to other BluePearl locations around the U.S. In addition to in-home end-of-life services for pets, BluePearl Pet Hospice offers nationwide telehealth services, professional grief counseling, free online education, and community support. Furthermore, BluePearl is shaping the field of pet hospice by teaching other veterinary professionals how to provide the best end-of-life care possible. 

At BluePearl, pet hospice does not begin when other interventions fail; it is a part of the continuum of a great care experience, bringing quality of life and comfort as the pet’s end of life nears,” explained Dr. Shea Cox, Medical Director, BluePearl Pet Hospice. “We are thrilled to be the first brick-and-mortar pet hospital to receive End-of Life accreditation by AAHA as this speaks to one of the many ways in which BluePearl is elevating end-of-life care for companion animals. This is just the beginning of our journey to bring appropriate supportive and emotional care – to both families and hospital teams – during one of the most difficult times of a pet’s life.”

The AAHA Standards of Accreditation historically have solely included standards for traditional and referral companion-animal veterinary practices. However, in 2020, AHAA expanded its standards to include those veterinary practices which also focus on end-of-life care, including palliative care, hospice, and gerontology medicine. Many of the established standards for AAHA’s End-of-Life Care accreditation are based on the 2016 AAHA/IAAHPC End-of-Life Care Guidelines. These guidelines were co-developed by subject matter experts, including Shea Cox, who is the Medical Director of BluePearl Pet Hospice, as well as a Hospice and Palliative Care Veterinarian, Veterinary Pain Practitioner, and Pet Loss Professional. 

AAHA is proud to recognize BluePearl Pet Hospice in Phoenix, Arizona as the first ever brick-and-mortar AAHA Accredited End-of-Life Care practice. AAHA also offers End-of-Life Care accreditation for traditional practices as well as mobile veterinary practices. This specialized accreditation opens the door for standalone practices to become accredited in End-of-Life Care,” said Margaret Spalletta, BA, CVT, Membership Audit and Control Committee Co-Chair, AAHA Practice Consultant. “This monumental accomplishment not only shines a light on the importance of end-of-life care, but it also demonstrates that your veterinarian down the road can achieve this accreditation as well. It’s humbling to know that the veterinary industry has begun to understand the significant role our pets have in our lives and that they deserve the highest level of care, especially at the twilight of their lives. BluePearl Pet Hospice is a leader in the End-of-Life Care realm and AAHA is honored to have their support. We look forward to strengthening our relationship and continuing to elevate the level of patient care our pets sorely deserve.”

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