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Vet FAQs

Are your specialists required to be board-certified?
Most of our vet specialists are board-certified, but it is not a requirement to work in our hospitals. In addition, many of our hospitals are teaching hospitals where we have many residents who train with our specialists.
Does BluePearl have a "corporate" model of medicine that your vets must follow?
From the day BluePearl was established, we have been a clinician-driven organization. That means our veterinarians have the freedom to create the most effective custom treatment plans for each patient.
Is BluePearl affiliated with any of the other MARS veterinary companies (specifically, Banfield & VCA)?
BluePearl is owned by Mars, as are several other veterinary health organizations, including Banfield & VCA. But each company operates independently according to its own mission.
Will BluePearl ever be integrating general practice into your list of services?
BluePearl is the premier national provider of specialty and emergency veterinary medicine. We don’t provide general practice services, but rather partner with our primary care colleagues in each market we serve.
Can you do payment plans? What methods of payment do you accept?
BluePearl requires payment at the time of service. We recommend that our clients consider pet insurance. Some clients may have the option to use a product such as CareCredit, which is a medical credit card (not affiliated with BluePearl) and comes with its own terms and conditions.
Are your doctors available to consult even if they are not coming to you as a referral?
Although patients must have a consult before we can legally give specific medical advice, we are happy to have general discussions with our primary care colleagues at their request. The actual consult serves as the formation of the veterinary client-patient relationship (VCPR), which is an important part of being able to treat or advise on a patient.
It would be nice if you could give us a list with the cost of your services, so we can prepare our clients.
We understand that this would be helpful. However, costs vary depending on the condition of the patient. We always provide clients with a detailed treatment plan that includes options and cost estimates, so clients can make the best choice for their pet and their family.