New Study Shows Chew Toys Can Fracture Dogs’ Teeth

As veterinarians, we’re all about the pets and the human-animal bond. But as scientists, we depend on hard data to help us make the best decisions for our patients.

A recent study, published online in Frontiers in Veterinary Science, provides exciting new information that can help protect dogs’ health—and gives us an excellent entry point for talking with our clients about a difficult subject: dentals.

The study examined textural hardness and canine tooth fractures and was supported by Mars Petcare. The collaborative project with the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine confirmed that dogs’ teeth can fracture if they chew on products that are too hard and indicated the hardness level at which tooth fracture risk becomes significant.

A tan dog lays on its side while chewing on a teal and white  chew toy.

Protecting Pets’ Teeth

As clinicians we know that oral health can greatly affect a dog’s overall health and well-being. Yet many clients are wary of dental procedures for their pets. Here’s a way we can introduce the topic: “What kind of toys does your pet like to chew? Did you know toys that are too hard can fracture a tooth, and that infection and pain can result?” And so on.

We at BluePearl are proud to be part of a larger organization that prioritizes work that advances the field of veterinary medicine. Later this year, our hospitals will roll out some materials providing you more information about the study and its implications and ways you can use it to help your clients. Whether you as the primary care doctor provide the dental service or you refer to a specialist, the result is healthier, happier patients and clients.