Quick treatment that made all the difference.

Our dear little one-year-old kitty was treated by Dr. Hart after she experienced major trauma – she was found limp and not breathing. We still do not know exactly what happened. We called BluePearl Pet Hospital in Duluth and the triage nurse suggested we start CPR and get her in as soon as possible.

CPR got her breathing, but she wasn’t moving her legs and could barely breathe when we brought her in about 10 minutes later. We were scared, and she was scared. They immediately took her in and found she likely was crushed and broke a leg. Dr. Hart kept us updated through the wee hours of the morning and warned us she may not make it.

In the morning, she was in rough shape, but we were able to pick her up and transfer her to our local vet. From there, she went to the University of Minnesota for leg surgery. They were amazed at her recovery and believe much of it is due to quick treatment that night at BluePearl.

She is now eight months past the event and our vet said you could not even tell which leg was damaged. Thanks to Dr. Hart and the BluePearl team for taking such good care of her the first night. You made a huge difference.