Something wasn’t right.

As anyone with a pet can imagine, it can be an extremely stressful six days when you cannot figure out what is wrong with your baby. Josie had been vomiting on and off for three days, she had become severely dehydrated and she wasn’t eating. She was administered two separate rounds of IV fluids and medication and she still wasn’t getting any better.

After consulting with four different vets, emergency surgery and a few nights in the hospital, Josie was finally coming home and on the mend.

The source of Josie’s sickness.

What was causing Josie to be so sick? A cat toy. That’s right. She had ingested one of her feline siblings’ toys that was made out of a hard, plastic mold.

As a pet owner of over 25 years, I was kicking myself for not thinking these toys could be a deadly hazard to our precious girl. But Josie wasn’t a dog who was notorious for chewing or getting into things she should not.

Grateful for those who saved my girl.

A special thank you to the staff at BluePearl in Oklahoma City. The DVMs, the nurses, the technicians – all were so understanding and helpful. A special thank you to Dr. Newcomb for his surgical skills. I am eternally grateful you saved my baby.

This is such an important reminder to pet owners how easily something so innocent can turn so wrong. Thank goodness our story was one with a happy ending.