A long-haired woman carries a French bulldog wearing a striped sweater.Lucky dog survives plunge from New York building.

New York, N.Y.—A New York City pup plunged from a six-story building in Manhattan’s Lower East Side Friday night, crashing through the sunroof of a car parked below. A fall of this extent would usually end in life-threatening injuries or death, however, the lucky French bull dog, Winston, beat the odds thanks to help from emergency veterinarians at BluePearl, Downtown, NYC.

Emma Heinrich, Winton’s owner, was shocked to find him alive after witnessing the traumatic scene of him falling over her apartment buildings six-story edge. She had just finished a walk with Winston when he escaped her hold and bolted up the stairs and onto the roof.

Rushing to His Rescue

“Before he could slow himself down it was too late and I watched him disappear over the edge, falling six stories landing with a terrifying crash,” Heinrich wrote in an Instagram post. “In a panic, I rushed downstairs trying to prepare myself to pick up my lifeless dog.”

To Heinrich’s relief, Winston was still alive, but cut up and hyperventilating. She immediately picked him up and took him to BluePearl. While he miraculously did not sustain any broken bones, X-rays did show substantial bruising to his lungs. To ensure that Winston could breathe, he was placed in an oxygen chamber for 36 hours.

A Lucky Landing

Dr. Harry Weatherson, emergency and critical care resident at BluePearl, thinks the dog’s breed may have something to do with his unbelievable outcome. “I think his breed partially contributed; he is quite muscular and quite stout,” Dr. Weatherson explained. “And the fact that he fell through a car sunroof, I think that definitely cushioned his fall to some degree. Six stories is quite substantial, so he is a very luck dog, indeed.”

According to CNN reports, Winston is now home and doing absolutely amazing. “He is still a little bit stiff (as to be expected), but that is quickly fading and we are seeing him start to return to his regular playful self,” said Heinrich.

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