We offer reflections on survival and hope.

I’ve read that human beings are one of the most resilient species on the planet. We’ve survived numerous wars, natural disasters, famine, plague, and many self-induced traumas. I also know we generally hate change. As I reflect on the past year and all the unexpected changes we’ve survived and adapted to, I am in awe of the fact we made it this far.

Still, there are some days when I find it difficult to even get out of bed in the morning and I wonder how I’ll make it through the day. At these moments, there are a few “survival” strategies I turn to for help and to give me hope for the future.

My survival strategies.

There are some terrible things happening right now, and at the same time, there is also incredible kindness and beauty in the world. In the past year, I have witnessed an enormous amount of strength, courage, and resilience from my teammates. I’ve received lots of support from people that care about me, and even from people I’ve barely met. I’ve had the opportunity to care for my neighbors and loved ones, and I’ve formed bonds of friendship in situations I would never have anticipated.

So yes, I believe we are incredibly, wonderfully resilient. We’ve survived an unprecedented year and grown stronger in many ways. By moving forward, by taking that one next step, we are creating a better future for ourselves, our profession and our world.