A picture of Barry wearing a Santa cap.BluePearl Vets Solve a Mystery

Barry has been going to BluePearl since he was born on 6/11/2016. With a puppy, you honestly never think about the worst things happening.

I noticed he had a slight cough, so I took him to a regular vet, and it was a diagnosis of slight bronchitis. He put Barry on antibiotics, and we went from there. I was relieved.

A week going on two weeks, I noticed he was not getting better. I took him to a different vet, hoping for a different diagnosis. The vet noticed his breathing was faster and harder than normal. He took X-rays automatically. His lungs were filled with fluid, and he diagnosed pneumonia and sent Barry home on antibiotics. Still, weeks went by and nothing seemed to help. He was wheezing and hacking everyday, all day. The vet said that’s normal, let him cough it up instead of it being inside.

One morning, I was getting ready for work, and he started to hack, and it was persistent to the point that he went into respiratory distress. I grabbed him and rushed him to BluePearl where they automatically hooked him up with oxygen and started fluids. They ran some tests, and he ended up hacking up a phlegm sample they could send to the lab for further testing. It wasn’t bronchitis or pneumonia.

Finally the doctor called. The results came back, and he was diagnosed with eosinophilic bronchopneumopathy. Barry stayed there for over a week in ICU care. Dr. Otte has worked with us since day one. This poor baby has been through a lot.

I don’t know what I’d do without him, BluePearl, and my mom. She has helped me financially, and thank you CareCredit. God blessed us with a sweet puppy, and he has been a trooper and a fighter. We love him so much, and we hope for the best. We will fight together until the end. We love Barry. God bless you guys.