It Started with Vomiting

When our 3-month-old puppy was vomiting for a half day, we took her to our local vet who diagnosed her with Sago Palm Toxicity. Due to it being a Friday afternoon, we were advised to take her to BluePearl where they could treat and monitor her over the weekend.

The Hospital Team at BluePearl in Gainesville

The vet and all the technicians who spoke with me on the phone were very polite, positive and helpful. Each doctor who treated her provided us with excellent updates and was able to calm my nerves as they were giving her a 50/50 chance of recovering from this. I appreciated them being able to answer my questions with the most honest answers they were able to provide given the uncertainty of the illness.

A Word of Thanks

Being a doctor is not a guarantee you can save every animal but it does allow for the chance to give the best care and treatment possible. After 48 hours of being in the hospital she was able to come home and is doing great so far. I cannot thank BluePearl in Gainesville enough for all of their help during this time!