“I’ve got her. I’ve got you.”

My husband and I brought our 1.5-year-old kitty (Sage) to BluePearl in Sandy Springs, GA, for what appeared to be complications from an unknown heart condition.

A brown and white cat looks up while laying on the floor.


When we got to BluePearl, Sage was in critical condition and we were at a loss for words. Emotions were high. As we entered the building, a technician approached us and asked if she could take Sage. I hesitated. I was terrified to hand our fur baby over.

With sincerity and compassion, she looked at me and said, “I’ve got her. I’ve got you.” It gave me a sense of peace as I handed our girl to her. I’m still so upset that I wasn’t able to thank her for that.

After we were placed in a private room, Dr. Stanley Hunter came in and again, we were met with compassion. He truly wanted to help us and get to the bottom of what was going on. He tried his absolute best to care for her and give us every bit of information he had in the process.

After weighing all of our options, we came to the decision to let our girl rest and be free from pain and suffering. But we would not have been able to come to that extremely difficult decision without the guidance and support of Dr. Hunter. He fully understood our feelings towards Sage. He kept not only our feelings in mind, but he also kept Sage in mind. He made us feel very secure in our decision and guided us through the entire process.

I can’t fully express how comforting it was to have him in one of our darkest moments. There just aren’t enough words.

Above and Beyond

Fast forward to last week, we received a letter in the mail. Opening it, we had no clue what to expect. In the envelope was a handwritten note from Dr. Hunter expressing his condolences and a golden paw print from Sage. He went above and beyond.A decorative box with a signed card in front of it.

We miss our girl every single day. Losing her has changed me and my husband to our core. But as we reflect on our experience at BluePearl, we find solace in knowing that she was cared for at every moment.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank BluePearl and Dr. Hunter. I truly hope we never have to experience a similar tragedy, but if we do, we will only put our trust in BluePearl.