So Professional, I thought I was in a Human Hospital

It was late on a Saturday Night, and my cat was very ill. When I called my vet, their answering message directed me to 24 hour-emergency assistance at BluePearl. Being my first time in an emergency room for my pet, I didn’t know what to expect. The professionalism displayed there made me think I was in a hospital for humans.

The hyperthyroidism he was being treated elsewhere for was just too much for him. I never realized that my little buddy Scooter, of almost 12 years, would not be returning home with me. I was devastated.

The compassion from everyone there was very comforting during this dreadful evening. In the days following, I received a card that was personally written from Dr. Cunningham and his staff that helped comfort me even more during my grieving.

Thank you for everything that you could possibly do.
Patrick M.