Each micro step helps Associates cope with stress and promotes a healthy lifestyle habit. 

BluePearl Pet Hospital today announced the launch of its Micro Steps to Wellness Program, which aims to help Associates cope with work-related stress, create healthy lifestyle habits, and reduce elevated health risks. This year-long wellness program consists of small, monthly behavioral steps that each of BluePearl’s more than 5,900 Associates can practice daily.

The Micro Steps to Wellness Program takes a holistic approach to improving Associate well-being by issuing practices that can be utilized both in the hospital and at home. Each micro step is intended to be “habit stacked,” meaning each action can be simultaneously practiced throughout the day, month, or year. The first micro step, titled Paws for Wellness, launches June 1 and encourages Associates to take short, frequent breaks while working to improve their overall attitude, reduce stress, and increase concentration and happiness.

At the center of every effective wellness program are wellness activities, or calls to action, that enable employees to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors in the workplace,” remarked Lori Harbert, MSW, LCSW, Director of Health and Well-Being at BluePearl.

“This program encourages our Associates to take their wellness as well as the wellness of their colleagues seriously. By implementing proven to work, positive behavioral habits in our practices, we hope to open the gateway to healthier living across the veterinary profession.”

The BluePearl Health and Well-Being Team—consisting of veterinary social workers and health and well-being trainers—will work closely with hospital leadership across the country to support the initiative’s efforts and encourage Associates to learn and implement the various micro steps. A new micro step will be announced at the beginning of each month.

The goal of the monthly micro steps program is to provide various coping resources and improve the overall well-being of our Associates. Our Health and Well-Being Team, in coordination with hospital leadership, will play a major part in helping Associates continue their wellness journeys,” said Angela Calderone, Vice President of People and Organization at BluePearl.

“Now more than ever, we as an organization have a responsibility to recognize the mental health and well-being needs of our Associates and provide them easy access to the tools and professionals they need to help cope with the mounting pressures they face each day.”

Additional micro steps will include a guided meditation video, healthy eating potlucks, participation in National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, an introduction to gratitude journaling, and more! Learn more about veterinary social work at BluePearl.

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