A black lab sits on her dog bed.I had picked my Labrador Retriever, Baylee, up from daycare only to discover that her tail had been degloved (there is no muscle around the tail bone so she caught her tail and the tip slipped off). About 2 inches of bone was sticking out and the tip of her tail was completely gone!

After calling my older sister while having a minor panic attack (she is an Anesthesiologist for Veterinary Medicine) she recommended I take Baylee to BluePearl in Waltham, MA.

I brought Baylee in right away and they took her in immediately and told us that they would perform a partial amputation later that night. My boyfriend and I went home and I was so distraught and upset about everything. BluePearl called me throughout the night to let me know that she was OK and that they performed the surgery and I could come back in the AM to get her. They made sure to explain everything and said to call with any questions.

When we picked Baylee up she was a little woozy from the meds but immediately was wagging her bandaged tail and excited to see us. It took a few months for her tail to heal…as we all know Labs can be mischievous and she somehow was able to pull her stitches. I had to bring her back several times to get re-stitched and cleaned, and every time they were so nice and they even waived the emergency fee because it was the Christmas holidays!

I don’t know what I would do without their expertise, and I cannot recommend them enough to everyone I know with pets!