We Couldn’t Say Goodbye So Soon

In January of 2020, Jetty was a 1-year-old puppy fighting heartworm. He had just had his first round of heartworm shots and besides some pain, he seemed to be doing well. However, five days later, Jetty was not doing well at all. We rushed him to our primary vet where they ran tests and determined that Jetty had liver failure from unknown causes.

At this point, our vet had the dreaded euthanasia talk with us but we just couldn’t give up on our 1-year-old puppy, and so Jetty was referred to BluePearl Pet Hospital Town Center in Virginia Beach.

Finding A New Lease On Life

From the moment we arrived, everyone was very kind. We were scared about losing Jetty but hopeful that the vets here could help him. They assured us that we could call anytime to check on him (even at 1 am) and I took them up on that offer. Every time I called to check on him they gave me full updates and also called me every time a new doctor took over.

When he started to improve the next day we went and visited him. It was clear that Jetty loved the hospital team which is amazing because he’s normally extremely anxious at vet’s offices. He seemed content at BluePearl – I think he knew he needed to be there. Everyone was so loving toward him. Jetty stayed for 2 nights and although we are still unsure of what caused his liver failure, he is now heart worm-free and living a happy, healthy life.

I am forever thankful to everyone at BluePearl for saving my boy’s life. Without them, he wouldn’t be here.