Joli Wasn’t Herself

I first noticed something was wrong when I let Joli out of her kennel and she was limping. I took her to her primary vet, where they examined her and didn’t find anything significantly wrong. I brought her home and pampered her, but she wasn’t herself.

I phoned my daughter, who happens to be a vet tech, and decided to bring her back to the vet. They did a blood workup and again and didn’t find anything. At that point, they asked if it was possible she may have ingested rat poison. I said absolutely not. We don’t keep chemicals like that in our household and I doubt if our neighbors did as well. I brought her home, and when she started swelling around her neck, I got scared.

Close up of a black, brown and white dog


Seeking Emergency Care

My daughter picked Joli up the next day and took her back to the vet. This time, they tested her for rat poison. My daughter also shaved Joli and found her skin bruised, indicating she was bleeding internally. Joli’s health was deteriorating quickly, so my daughter phoned me at work and asked where I wanted Joli taken to – the university vet hospital or BluePearl. I selected BluePearl because I knew that was the preference of the veterinarians that have cared for my pets.

Shortly after I arrived at BluePearl Pet Hospital in Blaine, my daughter arrived carrying Joli in her arms. At that point, Joli couldn’t even lift her head to look at me. I thought she would surely die. The BluePearl staff treated me with the utmost compassion.

A Life-Saving Blood Transfusion

I met with the Blue Pearl veterinarian who explained the blood transfusion procedure to me and believed they could save Joli. I didn’t think it was possible. They told me it would take several hours and that I should go home. It killed me to leave her there, but I phoned four hours later, and they told me I could come and see her.

About five hours after the procedure, I saw her. She was nothing like I expected – Joli greeted me with the peppiness of a pup. She bowed in the down dog play stance and jumped all over and kissed me. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It’s like they revived her from the dead.

I will forever hold gratitude for BluePearl. I can’t even type this story without weeping. There isn’t a pet hospital better than BluePearl. Again, thank you to BluePearl for bringing my sweetie baby Joli back to me!