Sasuke’s Thanksgiving Scare

I will start by saying my Sasuke is the love of my life. I met this guy the day after he was born, and we have been together ever since. I woke up on Thanksgiving morning to find him out of sorts – he couldn’t stand up and his face was not the same little cute face I’m used to. My boyfriend jumped into action, saying we needed to get him professional care immediately. When I tried picking Sasuke up, he rolled, cried and twisted. I got him in the car, and there was a moment where I thought he’d died in my arms in the backseat.

A black pug dog


A Visit to the ER at BluePearl

My boyfriend quickly drove us to BluePearl Pet Hospital in Clearwater. We pulled up and two people immediately came out to get my fur baby. They were so kind as I thought, “That’s it. This is the last I will see of my Sasuke.” I cried until I had no tears. When the staff came out and asked us to come inside, I thought, “Of course, they want us to come in as this is the end.” I could barely make my way inside as I knew my Sasuke was gone forever. I was barely hanging on as my boyfriend did all he could, but he was also suffering.

Once inside, we were greeted by another kind staff member who lifted my spirits after telling me Sasuke was actually doing better! She asked questions and listened with care and compassion as I shared his history. She then let us know the doctor would be in to talk to us soon. I didn’t know what to think as I thought my baby was gone.

Kindness, Compassion and Professionalism

When Dr. King came in and gave us a diagnosis, I was still in shock. Not only did she tell us Sasuke was doing better, but she did not try and encourage us to run tests. She exhibited nothing but kind and compassionate professionalism the entire time she was with us. From the young man who took Sasuke from my arms, who had the face of an angel and was very reassuring that he would care for him, to the people who gave me wipes and bags to clean up after my sweet pea who had an accident on the way in, I am forever grateful.

If anyone has anything negative to say about these people who gave up their Thanksgiving to show up for work to help our fur babies, you need to really think about what you are saying and why. They only have our fur kids’ best interest at heart, and that’s clearly proven. Thank you BluePearl and bless all of you for your service to those who enter your doors hoping for mercy and kindness!

P.S. Sasuke has eaten a couple of snacks and is now snoring in my arms.