My furry nephew Luke Bryan is a VERY active Chocolate Lab. Luke loves playing with his laser light outside as he loves to chase it at night. Luke is a big boy and weighs nearly 80 pounds.

One night, he was chasing the laser and his momentum pulled his leash out of my hand. I went after him as he ran into the street. A car hit him. We scooped him up and put him in the car. The police told us about BluePearl Pet Hospital in Renton, WA, as it was very late at night and our family vet’s office was closed. We thought he might have a broken leg and saw severe road rash.

We arrived at the BluePearl and they brought out a gurney to take Luke to the back. At this moment, I was impressed as we thought they would ask for some form of payment right away, but they didn’t. Luke was in severe pain and they took him back, assessed him, put in an IV, and gave him pain medications. After they examined him, they came and spoke to us.

Luke’s hip was out of the socket but all in all, that was it, beside the road rash. They were so compassionate and gave him the immediate attention he needed and we thank them for that from the bottom of heart. They didn’t suggest anything that Luke didn’t need. After everything Luke needed, the bill was surprisingly low as we were expecting it to be much higher. We adore them and really appreciate all of the care they gave us and Luke.


Kathy LeMaster