Kudos to the BluePearl Richmond Team!

Last month, I found myself on a scary trip to the ER with my baby, Elvis. I didn’t know what was wrong…but I knew something was! We have a veterinary ER in town, but Elvis and his brother, Vegas, see many of the doctors at the ER/Specialty center in Richmond (about an hour south). I have been BEYOND impressed for the 3+ years we have been going there.

Unfortunately, Elvis was diagnosed with a hemoabdomen. I was beside myself and a complete wreck. His attendant that night was Jennifer, who was beyond amazing. He had been to the ER a few months earlier where we had first met her. Knowing she was working that night made all the difference in the world! Just having a familiar (and friendly) face in all the chaos helped so much!

It was decided Elvis was going to need surgery in the morning, once he was stabilized overnight. I have NEVER left Elvis in the hospital overnight! I was falling apart!!! Knowing that Jennifer was going to be watching him didn’t make it easy, but did give me a little peace.

In the midst of all of this, I asked the ER doctors to call the surgeon we have a relationship with. He was NOT on call. Within 10 minutes, they let me know that Dr. Barnes was on the phone to speak with me. Again, having someone you are familiar with in such times is such a game-changer.

He coordinated with those needed and let me know that he would be the one coming in for my sweet boy the next morning. This special doctor was taking time on his day off to take care of my baby! The ER got him stabilized and bright and early the next morning, Dr. Barnes got there. His surgery went well and they let me know he had to stay AGAIN! As I was leaving him, Jennifer was coming in! She went out of her way to keep me updated (and reassured) throughout the day.

Elvis is 10 1/2 and has gone through a lot over the years, but he has NEVER bounced back as quickly as he did from this surgery. I KNOW it was because of the fabulous care he received…both physical and emotional. Knowing that these people care about MY baby means the world to me. They both went way beyond the call of duty and I will FOREVER be grateful! His journey has taken a new and unexpected path, but I am so glad he has the people he does fighting for him and taking such good care of him!