An Early Morning ER Visit

Very late on December 30th, our dog Jack took a dramatic and very noticeable turn for the worse. Jack, who showed up 12 years ago, had major health problems for the last year and a half.

I knew his time was over, and I had fears of a cold metal table and an uncaring death running through my mind during the 40-minute drive to the ER. But my fears were immediately put to rest upon arrival at BluePearl Pet Hospital in Northland, Kansas City.

Jack stayed in the car as I walked into the hospital, and an unexpected wave of emotion flooded over me. The kind lady at the desk softly asked me if Jack was in the car and if I needed help with him. She gently asked me to bring him in and told me their team would take him to the back and insert a catheter while we did paperwork. She was so helpful and soft-spoken, as I was an unexpected emotional mess.

Saying Goodbye

I was shown to a small, comfortable room where they brought Jack to me all wrapped up in a warm blanket. They assured me I could take as much time as I needed and to open the door when I was ready, or they could come back and check on me.
When I was ready, the veterinarian came in and compassionately explained the process. She administered the injection, listened to his heart and sorrowfully told me Jack had passed, but that I could stay with him as long as I wanted.

Before I left the hospital, they presented me with a paper that had his paw and nose prints along with a mold of his paw print in a presentation box. Later, we received Jack’s ashes enclosed in a very nice, sealed wooden box, suitable for an eternal resting place. 

Endless Gratitude

I cannot adequately convey the compassion, tenderness and sympathy I was shown by everyone on duty at 2:00 am on December 31st, 2021. Their handling of and caring for Jack and our family was well beyond any expectations I could have imagined.

You all will be remembered affectionately and spoken highly of. All stories about Jack will include how well we were treated in our time of need. My words inadequately convey our feelings, once again. Thank you so much.