When the odds were too high.

On October 6, 2020, I had to say goodbye to my cat Oreo. All of the staff at BluePearl Pet Hospital in Richmond took extra good care of him, but he just had too many odds against him. Dr. O’Connell was so good to me, my mom and my dad during the whole euthanasia procedure. She really showed her devotion and support to all of us.

Making the right decision.

I know that going forward without Oreo will be extremely sad and hard, but I feel deep down that the right choice was made for his well-being. Everyone at BluePearl was excellent. Special thanks to Dr. O’Connell for doing all that she could do. It will never be forgotten. It is with a heavy heart, but with sincere gratitude I write this to you all. Thanks and God bless all of you.