Leia turned a year old on December 8th, 2019. She’s a mix of all sorts of breeds from American Staffordshire Terrier to Chow Chow and beyond. I work the evening shift and she has been staying with someone I know. She began to act erratic after being picked up by my brother. It was clear she must have ingested something she wasn’t supposed to. She’s my first dog, but now that she’s been in my life, I am a dog lover forever!

Not knowing how to handle the situation, and being completely unprepared, I called BluePearl Pet Hospital in Oklahoma City. Honestly, I found them on Google, but they were the only compassionate and understanding vet hospital I spoke to that night. Even as I was crying on the phone, they made me feel like we were in good hands. They took care of us when no one else was able to come to our aid.

Leia is still on the mend, and we’re so grateful for generous and caring people like the staff at BluePearl.