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Georgia Veterinary Rehabilitation

A collie walks on an underwater treadmill for rehabilitation exercises.If your pet is recovering from surgery, suffering from pain, or simply not fit enough to enjoy life, GVR can help. We are a state-of-the-art veterinary rehabilitation clinic located at 1230 Johnson Ferry Place in Marietta, just north of Atlanta. Pets benefit greatly from rehabilitation, just like people.

Practice Philosophy

GVR utilizes the latest techniques in Western and Eastern medicine to provide optimal, compassionate care in a state-of-the-art facility. We improve physical health, fitness, injury recovery, pain management and overall quality of life for our clients’ companion and performance animals.

Our patients are dogs, cats and other small animals who come to us for many reasons. Some come after surgery for relief from pain and to speed recovery. Others come to lose weight, improve conditioning, regain mobility or improve balance.

Our State-of-the-Art Clinic

We were the first veterinary clinic in the Southeast to install an indoor heated SwimEx resistance pool, which allows A technician helps a dog to swim in a pool.dogs to move their limbs fully without bearing weight on them. We also have underwater treadmills and two gyms that offer plenty of room in which to work with your pet and observe their natural gait. Both gyms are outfitted with everything needed for therapeutic exercise, including steps, ramps wobble boards, exercise balls and more.

Client Review

“When Dr. Orenbuch sent me the video of his first steps, I cried tears of absolute joy. Quasi has been trying and working so hard, he deserves the reward of movement. Today, he is functionally independent, exercising and taking 15 minute walks every day- continuously showing improvement. His personality now shines through again, which signals to me he is feeling much better as well.”


Read the full story of Quasi’s journey to walk again.

New Patient Information

To expedite the process of scheduling your pet’s initial appointment, you can download and complete a short online form and email it to info@gavetrehab.com.
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Location Details

Georgia Veterinary Rehabilitation
Marietta, GA
1230 Johnson Ferry Pl. Ste. J-70, Marietta, GA 30068
Mon-Thu: 8 am-8 pm
Fri: 8 am-4 pm
Alternating Saturdays:
9 am-2 pm

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