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Veterinary Blood Bank in Richmond, VA

Donated blood is often needed to perform life-saving medical care in human hospitals. It may surprise you to learn that blood donations are also in high demand in veterinary hospitals. 

BluePearl’s veterinary blood bank collects blood donations from dogs and cats in the Richmond community. Donated blood is used to save the lives of pets who suffer from trauma, anemia, complications that require complex surgery, and more.

Aside from knowing that your pet is helping to save lives, there are other benefits to signing your pet up as a donor, including: 

  • $40 credit for our hospital for each donation – which can be rendered through our emergency, internal medicine and surgery departments

  • Free health screening including bloodwork to test for infectious diseases

  • Lots of treats, cuddles and love from our blood bank veterinary team!

To sign up as a donor, your pet must meet the following requirements:

  • 1-7 years of age

  • Dog must weigh over 50 pounds

  • Cats must weigh over 9 pounds

  • Spayed or neutered

  • Females cannot have previously had a litter

  • Up to date on vaccines

  • On flea/tick preventative

  • Dogs must be on heartworm preventative

  • In general good health upon examination

  • Cannot have received a blood transfusion (including red blood cells and plasma)

If you are interested in signing your pet up as a donor, please call our hospital at 804-716-4700. You can also email our blood bank directly at