BluePearl urges owners to consider enrolling their pet in a blood donation program.

Every year on June 14, organizations around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day. This annual event raises global awareness on the importance of donating blood and highlights the need for more donors and how this volunteer act saves lives. This sentiment also rings true for pets who, like humans, may require lifesaving transfusions when undergoing surgery or suffering from trauma (after an automobile accident, dog fight, etc.), auto-immune disease, heat stroke, or other illnesses.  

As more people seek advanced veterinary care, the demand for pet blood will continue to rise (driven, in part, by the Millennial pet owner who desires more sophisticated pet care). However, pet blood supplies around the country continues to fall short, with many veterinarians today relying on out-of-state blood banks that often have limited supply. Exacerbating this trend, the pandemic brought increased patient loads to veterinary practices nationally, prompting many hospitals to halt their programs. 

This year, BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital, one of the largest providers of advanced veterinary care in the U.S., has established a National Blood Bank Program to mitigate the rise in pet blood product demand. The main goal is to increase donations across the organization through educational awareness to improve or save pets’ lives and enhance the human-animal bond. The hope is that this unified network’s efforts will allow for expansion of blood banks and increase donors to help save more lives.

While the need remains constant, BluePearl is urging pet owners to consider enrolling a pet in a local blood donation program in honor of World Blood Donor Day. Every canine and feline donor is considered a hero and their invaluable contribution can give the gift of life.

To learn more about the program and eligibility requirements, pet owners should reach out to their local community pet blood bank.

Learn more about pet blood donation and see a list of participating BluePearl pet blood banks at