Joining the Gallon Club

My babies Sebastian and Luna were blood donors at BluePearl Pet Hospital in Clearwater for about three years! They retired in 2020 due to them now being older. They both earned certificates – Luna had her two gallon one and Sebastian got his one gallon one! One of my kitties, Jack, also donated for about a year. I’m so proud of these babies, and I hope they saved all the kitties they could!

With the years of them donating, I was able to use the funds to help my dog who was sick two years ago. She was able to have surgery and got to live a few more months. They didn’t just save kitties’ lives, they helped me keep my dog Kiara alive for a few more months, too.

A tabby cat lays among white blankets


A brown and white cat sits with a blood donor certificate in the background


A black cat sits behind a blood donor certificate


Blood Donation at BluePearl Pet Hospitals

Across the country, BluePearl hospitals receive life-saving blood donations from canine and feline companions. Donors are always needed, but pets must meet certain eligibility requirements to donate. Eligibility requirements vary by state and hospital, so please check with your nearest BluePearl or veterinary blood bank if interested in donating.

In addition to plenty of treats, love, gratitude and other benefits, many blood bank locations provide owners with a monetary credit for donation, which is applied to their account. Owners can then use the credit toward future unexpected emergency or specialty care.

Learn more about veterinary blood banks on our service page.