Because she’s passionate about saving animals, Megan supported her dog Minnie to get involved in veterinary blood donations. Minnie has made five donations, resulting in life-saving transfusions for 15 pets in need.

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Minnie is a five-year-old Great Pyrenees who loves being outdoors in any environment – including beaches, snow and mountains. Her favorite activity is barking, which she could happily do all day according to her owner, Megan.

Minnie is also a blood donor at BluePearl’s Blood Bank in Tampa, Florida. She recently reached an incredible milestone in her donation journey:

Minnie has donated over half a gallon of blood for pets in need of life-saving transfusions.

She has been donating for over a year thanks to Megan reaching out and getting involved.

“We learned about the blood donation program from another Great Pyrenees owner and her dog who was a blood donor,” explained Megan.

As someone who is passionate about animal rescue and welfare, she quickly learned how blood donations are another way to give back to the pet community.

A white great Pyrenees sits proudly with a bag of donated blood product in front of her.

It didn’t take long for Minnie to get comfortable with the process, especially since she’s motivated by the ample supply of treats provided during each donation.

“Over the past year, we’ve developed a relationship," said La Lania Hill, blood bank coordinator. "She was a very shy girl in the beginning, and now she’s warmed up to us and she’s really come out of her shell. I find that a lot of dogs are nervous, and when they come in and donate, it boosts their confidence. They feel more comfortable, and each visit is predictable so they know what to expect.”

Minnie has donated five times in total – resulting in life-saving transfusions for 15 pets.

La Lania knows the impact of having a local blood bank to support the pet community – especially given the nationwide shortage of blood products in veterinary hospitals.

“It’s extremely important. Volunteer blood donors are providing an amazing service to every department in our hospitals because they all use blood products to some degree,” said La Lania. “When you think about what we’re able to offer our patients, it’s invaluable to have an in-house blood bank and a constant supply of blood products for pets.”

A white great Pyrenees is surrounded by her loving owners and a vet tech as she donates blood.

Oftentimes, the impact of veterinary blood donations can be seen right away, which was the case for one of Minnie’s recent donations.

“The last time we donated, there was a dog that came in for surgery and needed her blood,” said Megan. “So right after we finished, they took it to the next room and used it for that patient. That was awesome to see.”

Megan’s motivation for getting involved revolves around helping others.

“If you give back now, then maybe when your dog needs it, a blood donation will be there for them if they have an accident or illness,” explained Megan. “It’s just a good experience to get involved and help other animals.”

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